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It happens - you run into an old friend at the grocery store and they, of course, ask about your adorable kiddos. And you can't resist bragging about them (because they're the best when they aren't being small monsters, you know?), and you reach for your phone to show your friend just how adorable they are... when you realize the most recent photos you have of the kids are them wrapped in toilet paper, a blurry shot on the playground slide, and the bloody nose one gave the other that you sent to your partner. Yikes. And you immediately regret skipping family photos this year because, well, you just had so much to do lately that it's slipped your mind, or it just wasn't at the top of your priority list. But this is exactly why I wrote this blog post - to help convince you that updating your family photos every year is WORTH IT! So no more awkward grocery store run-ins, you know?

Family photos in Pittsburgh PA

1) Kids change so fast

All parents know this bittersweet truth of parenthood - kids are constantly changing and growing, especially in the first few years! Make sure you have the photos that show off their baby teeth, their little cheek dimple, the way their noses crinkle when they laugh - because it could change next week!

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2) Compare every year

Being able to compare your yearly family photos is one of the coolest experiences - you can literally SEE with your own eyes the changes that have taken place over the past year. Even cooler - having a collection of these photos all together in your home for everyone to see and admire when they walk through the door.

Family photography in Pittsburgh PA

3) so you're in the photos too

Yes - you. The perpetual photo-taker, the one who is the receiver of the eye rolls and groans when you say "let me just take a quick picture". The one whose phone is filled with photos of the people you love - but where are you in those photos? When was the last time you have a picture with your kids? You deserve some of the spotlight too!

Pittsburgh PA family photos

4) update your home artwork

Having gorgeous artwork of your family hanging in your house is a showstopper - it immediately draws attention to all visitors (and allllll the compliments) and is an amazing way to show off your family members. Your kids will love walking by their own photos in your home, and more often than not, they will make sure to point them out to anyone visiting!

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5) your kids will thank you

Years down the road, when your kids are grown and maybe even adults, they're going to want these photos. They are going to want to see themselves and their siblings before someone moved to a new city, before someone broke their arm, they're going to want to see their parents before they had wrinkles and gray hair. These photos aren't just for you - they are for you, and your family, in the future. They are your legacy.

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6) unadulterated time together

This is especially true if your kids are old enough to be involved in sports, clubs, extra-curriculars. You know that getting everyone together, even for just a short time, is a rarity, and not easy to come by. So take advantage of this opportunity to spend some quality time together and make some memories (and beautiful photos) at the same time!

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