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Helping Parents press pause on this whole "growing up" thing

Most parents fear the passage of time

As you watch tiny shoes become too small and chubby legs learn to walk. Sippy cups turn into Moutain Dew bottles and car seats are a thing of the past - now it's a race to see who can claim the front seat the fastest. Before you know it, you're watching your babies grow up just too dang fast.

But - it doesn’t have to be this way. We can freeze time for just a moment and preserve each precious detail of your child just as they are in that one moment - from every delicate eyelash to each crooked tooth.

So when you look back, years from now, you can celebrate the passage of time, not mourn it. You can celebrate it by knowing that this version of your child, your amazing, sweet kiddo, will always remain the same, just as you remember - preserved forever in these photographs and heirlooms.

And it's then that you can look on proudly, with a celebratory glass of wine in your hand and say, "Hey. I made that. What a cool kid."

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Pittsburgh Family Photography

Wanna know a secret?

my family never had professional photos taken.

And what a dang shame that was, because guess which photos made it onto the wall of my childhood home instead? Ninth grade selfies. Dramatic, sepia-toned, Facebook profile pic selfies circa 2008 that scream of teenage angst. And the greatest irony (even more so than the fact that this photo still exists in my parents' home)? My family owns a sweet little frame shop, so I grew up surrounded by beautifully framed and displayed artwork - but not family photos. Which is why I'm so dedicated to making sure your family has wall-worthy photos that scream "look at this gorgeous family and life we have made together" and definitely don't scream "2008 Facebook profile picture". Because no one wants to remember that... speaking from experience.


Your photos deserve to have life.

Cause you've made a pretty cool one.


You've created your very own little microcosm here - you're crazy, chaotic, amazing, and beautiful family - what an accomplishment. And you've done a pretty dang good job of it, too. Like, everyone was probably even wearing pants today, right? Huge win.

So let's showcase that pretty cool life and turn it into some really cool artwork and albums that you get to hold in your hands, hang on your wall, and revisit, every. single. day. And yes, that can be used as incentive (re: threat) to get your teenager to change out of his dirty sweatpants and hockey jersey since it will be on display every day.

The images we capture are more than just images - they are proof of your flippin cool life. And they deserve every ounce of love you pour into each school lunch and every bedtime story. So let's gather that love and turn it into some beautiful photos!


Carlie W.

"Katie did such a wonderful job with the our family photos! She was so patient when it came to working with our kids, our dog, and us. If you're looking for someone to take amazing pictures and give you and amazing experience, she's your girl!"

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