the girl behind the camera

Call me Katie

Cause referring to me as KM4 makes me sound like a robot or an app. And addressing me as Katharine Mary the fourth sounds a little too formal for someone who tumbles around with a camera and plays ring-around-the-rosie with kids for a living.

The Beginning

When I went to study abroad in college, I knew my iPhone camera wouldn’t cut it, so I bought my first real camera – after that you couldn’t catch me anywhere without it! I wanted to remember the details of every solo-trip, family gathering, and friend hangout. When a friend asked me to take photos of their little family, I was smitten. Capturing my own life was one thing, but there was something infinitely rewarding about capturing someone else’s.

The Why

My family are the most important people in my life, and for a while I lived quite a distance away from them - and this was really hard. Living away from them showed me just how important it is to be connected with my family and to document the precious details of our time together.

The Now

Now I’m… for lack of better words…living my best life! I get to do something crazy wonderful for a living and hang out with the cutest families on earth, documenting their memoirs. When I'm not romping around with a camera, you can find me scoping out dogs at the local parks, enjoying a good read, or discussing the pros and cons of every type of French cheese.

Katie's Greatest Hits

You know those few things that really just define you as a person? You know, like your greatest hits? Mine are below. And while I wish I could say I was the kind of girl whose greatest hits include the trendiest new clothes, an immaculate self-care routine, and vegetables, that's just not me. You win some, you lose some, you know?

Greatest Hits

Irish Breakfast tea

During my first trip abroad, I discovered that not only did I like tea, but that I was an absolute tea snob. There is no better treat than a steaming cup of Irish breakfast tea with breakfast to drink away the morning woes, I am convinced.

Golden retrievers

Anyone who knows me I'm sure is rolling their eyes at this one. At this point, I know it's absolutely absurd and most likely annoying to all my friends and family that I literally weep anytime I see a golden floof in public. I have no explanation than this other than they are the purest beings to walk the Earth. That's all.

Greatest Hits

That new book smell

Need I say more? Barnes & Noble is my happy place. I could spend days in that godforsaken store.

a crisp and well approximated /r/

On the days I'm not behind my camera, I'm a licensed pediatric speech-language pathologist. Give me some Uno cards, a strawberry-flavored tongue depressor and an oversized replica of the mouth, and I'm a whole new person!

Here's a lil secret:

My worst fear is a child that sits and smiles nicely at the camera for an entire session.

No, really. I have nightmares about this. I'm willing to bet your life isn't perfectly posed and curated, so your photos shouldn't be either. My family photography thrives on one word: connection. I strive to capture your unique family dynamics and the connection your family shares with each other. And that isn't done through "sit and smile" sessions. Nope - we play, we laugh, we tickle, and we enjoy our time together. And I'll know I've done my job right when you see your photos, gasp, and say "Wow! That photo is so *insert your kiddo's name*."

Defying the passing of time and keeping memories alive

My full name is Katharine Mary, and I happen to be the fourth woman in my family to carry that name (hence KM4). I love the heritage of my name and the tradition being passed down from generation to generation - a little shared secret that belongs to us. Just like the legacy of my name, the photos I capture and the albums and artwork they become a story that will be passed down through generations- to children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Every tickle, sweet kiss, and moment of unbridled joy that passes in front of my camera is kept alive. These moments, just like my name, will remain a timeless reminder of the journey that was taken to get you where you are now

And in my personal opinion, what could be more beautiful than that?



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