Making sure you never have to search for your favorite memories.

Let’s be honest, the same technology that keeps our memories safe, stops us from reaching for them.

For a moment, just imagine your kids and grandkids on a Saturday morning, in their jammies, huddled around… a laptop, scrolling through your Instagram to catch a glimpse of last summer when you were all together. Or getting off the phone with your kiddo at college, grabbing a glass of wine, and looking… through tens of thousands of images (and screenshots and nonsense) in your iCloud.

Where are the warm and fuzzy feelings in that? The reminiscing? The connection?

You deserve all of that. So let’s weave your memories through your life with canvases down the hall, albums on the bookshelf, and photographs you can reach for any day.

Just like your everyday life...

our photo sessions always come with a little bit of sugar AND a little bit of spice.

Our sessions are chaos - in the best way possible! We're going to go play on the swings? Sign me up. We want to tackle Dad? You got it. It's time to play Red Light Green Light? I'm there. We're going to have so much fun together that you won't even realize I'm clicking away behind my camera at all.

And don't worry - no kiddo "behaves" all the time. That's not a realistic expectation for life - or for your family photos! And honestly, I don't want them to! I want to capture them as they are - to help you remember them just as they are. Even if that includes a little pout, a snack break, or the stink eye. Every family has a little bit of chaos - let's capture yours beautifully.

"Katie was so engaging and patient with our son, and captured memories that will keep us laughing for a lifetime. We cannot wait to work with Katie again!"

—Anna Mae M.

And listen - I know that as a parent, time is precious, and hard to come by.

But this is not one thing you want to put into the "get it done and over with" category, like laundry or vacuuming. Or scrubbing the baseboards (ugh). This is something that deserves to have intentional time and energy put into it, because you're not just having family photos taken. No sir - you are creating core memories for your children, for their children, and you are giving them the gift of remembering this very special moment in time. This moment, right now - before your hair turned gray, before your youngest broke his leg, before Dad needed glasses. Your family, just as they are, right now. So slow down, take a breath, and let me help you create the space in your busy life for remembering the moment you're in, right now.

The KM4 Process:


You fill out my inquiry form, and I respond within 1-2 business days. Next we get on a phone call or Zoom call, so I can fully understand your vision for your session. You tell me all about your crazy family, what iteration of growing up you are celebrating right now, and why it's important to you to have this time in your family's life captured on camera. Here we also take care of some of the nitty-gritty details (booking the session, setting a date, etc.).


Next, we will set up another Zoom call or an in-person chat (coffee date?), to go over some details before the session. I'm here to make this process as easy as possible for you, so I offer oodles of helpful advice about choosing your session location, what outfits fit your style and vision, and what photo heirlooms you can see fitting into your home, and where. Remember, this is a no-stress zone (which is why I take it all on for you!).


Our session has arrived! We meet up and I'll capture your family's authentic personality in a low-pressure, relaxed environment. My goal throughout our session is to keep you as comfortable as possible so that your photos look and feel like you - dynamic, genuine, and fun.


In 2-3 weeks, your photos are finally ready for you to see! We'll meet again, typically at your house or at one of my favorite Pittsburgh studios, and I'll show you the beautiful photos you and your family made. This is where I help you choose which photos you absolutely love, and how we can curate your images in the most meaningful way to display them in your home. This step can seem a bit daunting, which is why you've got my *freshly lotioned* hand to hold the whole way. I'll offer my expert eye to truly make your images stand out as beautiful artwork in your home.

IV. THe Love (and maybe some Tears)

1-2 weeks later, your heirloom artwork have arrived! I personally deliver them to you so I get the pleasure of watching the joy on your face when you hold in your hands the perfect embodiment of your sweet family. (This is the best part!)

Okay, let's get to what you really want to know

For starters:

Your session fee is $1290.

this Includes:
  • Consultation phone call/meeting to discuss wardrobe, location, and heirloom artwork options
  • 60-90 minute session
  • Travel within 40 miles of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Professional retouching and editing of all images
  • Professional hair and makeup for up to 2 people (optional)
  • A private, in-person Reveal & Order appointment to handpick your favorite images and heirloom artwork
  • $1000 print credit to be used toward your choice of wall art, albums, and digital files at the Reveal & Order appointment

Questions? Ask away! I've got the answers (usually).

when do your sessions typically take place?

Ever heard of *cue angel symphony here* the golden hour? Golden hour is 1-1.5 hours after sunrise or before sunset where the light is gorgeous and soft and glowy and basically just wraps you in a warm hug. If circumstances don't allow us to shoot in golden hour, I make certain exceptions, but if I'm being honest - golden hour is the place to be.

Can i get digital images?

Of course - I know you still want that adorable Instagram photo too! All of my photo products include their matching digital files - so, for example, if you get a 20-image album, you also get those 20 matching digital files. It's the best of both worlds!

I wouldn't say I'm all knowing, but... I know this stuff.

what if i have no idea where our session should take place?

Welcome to our consultation call! I have soooo many location suggestions that I can offer you depending on the vision you have for you session. (So many. Like, most of my time spent driving is actually spent craning my neck out the window and whispering to myself "wow, that would be a perfect spot for photos"). I've got you covered, don't you worry.

how far in advance should we book our session?

I take only a certain amount of sessions per month, to make sure I can give my clients the best possible experience for their photo session. Typically, my months book up quicker July-November, so I always suggest reaching out at least a month before you want your session to take place.

I was always the kid with the annoying questions in class, so I get it.

What if I'm not sure what photo products I want?

Oooooooh this is my favorite question. Then you have such a fun experience waiting for you! I hold your hand every step of the way to determine what products fit best with your lifestyle, your home decor, your family. I bring samples of all my photo products to your Reveal & Order appointment for you to see, hold, and experience in person to get a feel for your tastes. I also help you decide where your photo products are best suited in your home!

what if it *gasp* rains?

Ah, yes, western Pennsylvania, you fickle beast. That is why, when we set the date of your session, we also set a rain date. You can count on me to be obsessively watching the weather in the days leading up to our session, and if the weather seems it won't be cooperating with us, then we can always use our rain date. (Because, have you seen my hair in the rain? *shudders*)


Katie is not only a talented photographer, she also is amazing with children. I HIGHLY recommend Katie and am beyond thrilled with EVERY session she photographs for us. She is worth every penny and I treasure the moments that she was able to capture.”

Elyn G.
Mommy to the cutest little ladies
The photo choosing process is an extension of the meaningful experience of getting your family photos taken.

Let's be honest.

You can find a photographer who's less expensive than me.

And if that's what you're looking for, then I completely understand! But that is not the experience I strive to give my clients.

Listen, I’ve been that person who paid a total $300 for 200 photos and was obsessed with them for 2 weeks, before life pushed them further back in my photos app and they were forgotten - when honestly, there were probably 5 photos that I really, truly loved. But I was overwhelmed and busy and forgot about those 5 photos, too. Because life happened, and who has time to print your own photos and frame them and... you get the picture (no pun intended).

I've also been that person who intentionally invested more in their photography experience, who opted for an experience instead of the typical "one-size-fits-all, take your photos and then throw them onto an online gallery and boom, done" trip. When I opted for the curated experience that was customized to my needs, sat down with my photographer and meticulously chose my most favorite photos and prints, something wild happened... I cherished the experience, the intentionally chosen photos, and the gorgeous physical prints more than I ever cherished those 200 pixelated files in my photos app.


Do you want to enjoy your photos for 2 weeks, or for years to come?

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