Easy to Show Off

Albums make the perfect center piece to any coffee table, the perfect addition to spice up your bookshelves, and the perfect star of the show at your next family picnic so you can show all the relatives just how darn cute your kids are. They're beautiful and even more than being an amazing heirloom to pass down, they make great adornments to your home.

Give Your Kids the Spotlight

Kids love looking at themselves - ever notice your little one examining himself in the mirror with such confusion and curiosity that it makes your heart squeeze a little? Imagine how your children will feel looking at themselves from 2, 5, 10 years ago - "Mom, why'd you cut my hair like that?" "Look at how cute I was back then!" "I remember when Dad had that mustache!" Remind them of the times they may not think about anymore, remind them of their history. It's so important for kiddos to know their history, their background, their roots.

Digital Images Can Get Lost

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, for better or for worse. Who is to say that in 20 years, that online gallery you have your photos stored on will still be accessible? (Hello, can anyone say... floppy disk???) And what happens when you can't remember the password for your log-in? Or your computer crashes, and low and behold, the cloud hasn't synced in a few days... the possibilities are terrifyingly endless. Take my word for it, as a photographer who is constantly terrified of files getting lost, misplaced, corrupted, etc. this is something I think about all. the. time. So let me take some of the anxiety out of it for you by putting a physical album that you can see and touch into your hands. There, my anxiety feels better now.

Gains Value Over Time

Think of all the things that lose value over time - cars, houses, jewelry, you get the gist. Now, I want you to think of any scenario in your head where the photos and memories held within a family heirloom album would be less valuable than the day you first got the album. Can't do it? Neither can I. Your family will never be the same as it is right now - and you'll never be able to get these moments back. So isn't something that captures these sweet moments and preserves them just as they are right now - isn't that invaluable?

Turning the Page vs. Swiping

Now, this might just be a me thing. But, what creates more serotonin in your body - flipping the thick, well-cared for pages of a treasured album, or swiping your thumb to the right to see the next photo on your phone screen? 'Nuff said. (Also, your grandmother agrees with me. Just saying).

Preserve Memories and History

Your babies will not be babies forever (or maybe even until tomorrow, right mamas?). They will grow and change into a person that is almost unrecognizable from the toddler with two left feet, the newborn with the wild hair, or the crazy kiddo who used to run around your house with only underwear on. Cherish the moments you have right now, because you'll long for them in a few years. And in a few years, your babies can look back and remember you, as well - with a few less wrinkles and gray hair than they're used to. All perfectly preserved in a beautiful family album.