Indoor Lighting Tips for your In-Home Family Photos

Let's face it - Pittsburgh, PA is not the warmest or sunniest of cities, especially during the months of... well, October-April. During these months, a lot of families bunker down in their cozy homes as outdoor playtime is vanishes like snowflakes in the sun. Indoor photos become preferable to braving the cold for those outdoor shots. So if you've ever battled with dim lightbulbs and dark shadows in your home photos, read on - this blog post is for you! I've got two simple yet effective tips to make your little ones shine like the stars they are in your home photos.

  1. If it’s light outside, turn off your fluorescent overhead lights and have your subject face the window for more natural lighting. This helps illuminate the face without giving your skin tone the yellow glow of those unnecessary bulbs. Just don't have the sun shining directly on your subjects - sheer and thin curtains make great light diffusers in these instances.
  2. If it’s dark outside, keep those overhead lights on, but make sure your subject isn’t standing directly underneath them. This will help avoid shadows on the face, which can increase the look of dark circles under the eyes and can make every imperfection stand out. If possible, find a standing light source/lamp and place it behind you, but in front of your kiddos to illuminate their faces.

And, voila! Beautiful photos of your kiddos indoors, in two simple steps. Now go round up some littles ones and try it for yourself!