Yes, you need engagement photos.

So you've come to a crossroads - the question has been popped, and now you have a decision - to get engagement photos, or to not get engagement photos. You can't decide, everyone has a different opinion, and the Pittsburgh Wedding groups on Facebook that you have become obsessed with aren't making the decision easier. Maybe you can save a few dollars if you don't, sure - but from a wedding photographer's point of view, if you skip them, you are truly missing out on some of the amazing benefits that come with engagement photos. Read on to let me convince you!

Pittsburgh summer engagement photos in a field

Your Photographer Knows You

This makes things flow more smoothly at the wedding - your photographer already knows your good side, the imperfections you don't want to see, and exactly what to say to get that genuine laugh instead of the forced fake laugh. This way, you're more comfortable with each other on your big day - because your photographer will be the one person who never leaves your side on your wedding day.

Engagement photography in the mountains

More Relaxed than the Wedding

Engagement photos are your chance to relax and have some fun! On your wedding day, there are time constraints, location constraints, dress constraints - but none of these exist during your engagement session. Be creative, have an adventure, and take your sweet old time making those gorgeous photos.

Casual engagement session in flower field in Pittsburgh PA

Save the Dates/Invitations

It's become a super popular trend to use your engagement photos on your save the dates, and even sending some with your invitations is gaining popularity as well. This way, everyone has an adorable photo of you to hang on their fridge, too!

Point State Park Pittsburgh engagement sunset photos

Decor at the Wedding

Weddings are a perfect way to display your engagement photos - use them as centerpiece decor, decorate the famous Pittsburgh cookie table with them, have your photographer create an album for you with blank pages so that your wedding guests can write all their well-wishes and congratulations in it! The options are endless and getting more creative by the day.

Golden hour Pittsburgh PA engagement photos


YOU'RE ENGAGED. Take a time-out from all the incessant planning, questions, dates, choices, and stress, and enjoy the fact that the love of your life is now your fiance, and soon to be husband/wife. Push everything else out of your brain for one evening and celebrate the reason you're here in the first place - the sweet love you have for each other and the future you can't wait to build together.

Candid engagement session in Pittsburgh PA

Quality Time

Wedding planning can become a beast - that's a fact. When's the last time you and your fiance had a real date night? Can't remember? Perfect - your engagement photos have just become your date night! You're already dressed to the nines - choose something you love doing together and incorporate it into your photos so they really feel like you. After your photos, hop over to your favorite restaurant/bar/coffee shop and treat yourselves!

Classy engagement session downtown Pittsburgh PA

Get Comfortable

And last but not least - taking engagement photos before the wedding will help you (yes, you) loosen up a bit and get comfortable in front of the camera! Because guess what - that camera is going to be following you around like a bee on honey during your wedding day so, you might as well get some practice!

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