The Yearbook Club

The Club you've been waiting for

Because why settle for fleeting memories when you can have a whole year's worth of precious ones? This new photography experience is here to help you capture every single moment.

What is the Yearbook Club?

Think of it as a year-long subscription, like Netflix, that you can customize to to exactly fit your family’s needs. This “subscription” splits your family photo investment into manageable monthly chunks, so you can enjoy and admire your gorgeous photos without breaking the bank - and you are guaranteed your yearly family photos! So you can say farewell to the "Oops, I forgot" and "I ran out of time" excuses 😉 You will be able to choose from a range of Yearbook Club tiers, each offering multiple sessions throughout the year, a beautiful heirloom album to summarize your year, and a print credit to put towards any other fine art options you fancy. No more "I meant to print them but got sidetracked" dramas. The Club's got you covered!

Who is the Yearbook Club good for?

1. Expecting families

The Yearbook Club is the perfect way to capture the journey from bump to first steps to first birthday. Because there are different options within the Yearbook Club that include several sessions per year, you can have maternity, newborn, 6-month, first birthday, and all events in between captured. This is otherwise known as First Year of Life, and the Yearbook Club makes this possible for families who want to be sure not to miss a single second of that first year.

2. Families with young children

We all know that when kiddos are the littlest is when they grow the fastest. One day they have their first teeny tiny tooth, and the next day they're off to kindergarten. The Yearbook Club gives you the opportunity to capture the details of this growth so that you don't wake up one day when you sweet babies are in college and thing, I can hardly even remember when they were little. It is truly amazing being able to look back at photos and actually see the difference in just a few months - especially because those moments are so fleeting, and they go by so quickly.

3. Families with older children

Getting the whole family together when your kids are older can be quite a struggle - between baseball games and dance rehearsals and piano lessons - when you're trying to keep up with the family hustle, squeezing in time together can be tough. But with Yearbook Club, you can make sure those memories don't slip away. The Yearbook Club allows you to spend intentional time with your loved ones when you've got a fast paced life. It also makes sure that you never hear your kids complain that there are no updated photos of them in the house - of course baby photos are cute and precious, but don't neglect capturing your kiddos turning into young adults. Those moments are just as important as the younger ones. 

4. Basically...All Families

I mean, let's face it. The Yearbook Club is for everyone. The great thing about the Yearbook Club, is that you have complete control over it, which means that you can choose which moments are the most important to you. First birthday cake smash? Check. Casual lifestyle photos that truly capture the essence of your family? Check. Christmas photos cutting down the biggest tree on the farm? Check. It's all here, wrapped up in the Yearbook Club.



Members of the Yearbook Club get priority scheduling before I open up my seasonal availability to the email list and to the public. Weekend dates never stick around for long, so that's why I'm giving you first dibs.


No more "I was so busy I forgot to schedule our photos!" After you sign up for the Club, we'll chat on the phone and discuss what time/events you want photographed and when those happen. Then I set up automated reminders to come straight to your inbox when the time comes to schedule!


To commemorate your year, included in all tiers of the Yearbook Club is a stunning, handcrafted heirloom album filled with the memories you made all year long. What's the point of being in the Yearbook Club if you don't have a yearbook to show for it? 😉


I don't often do mini sessions - but when I do, you'll be the first to gain access to these exclusive mini session set ups and themed sessions. Need holiday photos for your Christmas cards? I've got you covered. Mommy and me photos for Mother's Day? On it!


Included in your monthly Yearbook Club fee is a print credit for you to use exactly as you please. The Club is meant to be customized to fit each family's needs, so whether you want to use it on framed artwork, beautiful acrylic wall images, adding pages to your album, or gifting prints to family - you have complete control!


Bringing your images to life is one of the cornerstones of my business. Making sure you are enjoying your images to the fullest extent is so important - so I make sure that's as easy as possible for you in the Yearbook Club. Enjoy an automatic 20% off all prints, wall art, additional album pages, etc. as a member of the Club!

Choose your Tier

The President


4 one-hour long sessions per year
10 high-res digitals/session
10x10 heirloom album (40 images)
20% price reduction on all fine art
$1000 print credit
Total cost (valued at $6750): $5640

The Secretary


3 one-hour long sessions per year
10 high-res digitals/session
10x10 heirloom album (30 images)
20% price reduction on all fine art
$1000 print credit
Total cost (valued at $5570): $4640

The Treasurer


2 one-hour long sessions per year
10 high-res digitals/session
10x10 heirloom album (20 images)
20% price reduction on all fine art
$1000 print credit
Total cost (valued at $4480): $3780

"I want family photos every year but it just slips my mind with everything else I have to think about"


"I meant to print out those photos, but time got away from me"


"I wish I had made family photos a priority in the past, but now my kids are older and I don't have any from when they were little"


If this sounds like you, keep reading. The yearbook club was designed exactly for families who value their time spent with loved ones but have busy lives to live at the same time. DOn't worry, I'm here to help.


Step 1

Fill out the contact form below, choose your Yearbook Club tier, and I'll be in touch within 48 hours. Let the fun begin!

Step 2

We'll hop on the phone to discuss the details and create an outline of your year-long photography journey!

Step 3

I'll set up automated reminders to schedule your sessions so you get first priority on all seasonal dates.

Step 4

Before each session, you'll receive personalized styling and consultation to make sure your session is exactly as you want it to be.

Step 5

After each session, we'll meet back up for your Reveal and you'll choose your digitals/album images, plus purchase any other fine art products your choose.

Step 6

At the end of the year, I'll be hard at work custom designing your heirloom album to reflect your year of beautiful memories.

Step 7

Your album and all other fine art products are hand-delivered to you and you can enjoy them to the fullest extent, forever!

In order to make sure I am able to serve my Yearbook Club members to the fullest extent and to the best of my ability, the Club has limited spots for only 10 families for the 2024 year. Membership opens on November 13th and closes after the 10 spots are full, or on November 30th.

Ready to join the Yearbook Club?

Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch within 48 hours!