The KM4 Experience

The KM4 Experience

Here's How It Works:

The Inquiry

You fill out my form, I respond within 1-2 business days, we chat on the phone and then decide if we're a good fit for each other. Next we become instant friends. Here the nitty-gritty details take place (booking the session, setting a date and location, etc.).

The fun

Our shoot has arrived! We meet and I take low-pressure photos of you and your beautiful family. I'm basically a fly on the wall while you guys do your thing. Maybe we hangout in your backyard, adventure through a new place together, or head to a fan favorite location.

The reveal

It's 2-3 weeks after we had an amazing time at our shoot together, and I've been working diligently to edit your gorgeous photos. They're finally ready for you to see! We meet again, maybe at your house or a coffee shop (Panera, anyone?) and I show you what beautiful photos you and your family took. You fall in love, choose your favorites and the products that fit your style, and then make room in your house for a place to show off your photos!

The love (and maybe some tears)

1-2 weeks later, your products have arrived! I personally deliver them to you so I get the pleasure of watching the joy on your face when you hold in your hands the perfect embodiment of your sweet family. (This is my favorite part!)