The Reveal & Order Appointment

Making It Easier On You

I believe shooting and editing your photos in only half of a photographer's job. The other half is helping you decide how to best enjoy and display your photos and making this process as easy for you as possible!

Because your stunning photos should be displayed in their full glory for everyone to see and admire. Of course you can show off your photos on social media, but in a few days, they'll be lost in a feed of funny cat videos, boozy holiday drink recipes, and political opinions that no one really asked for. So I ask you - why would you want family photos if they get downloaded onto your desktop and then stay there, forgotten? I love products that I can touch - which is why I offer my clients tangible products that will help their memories last a lifetime.

That's why I started implementing the Reveal & Order Session. I want to make this as easy as possible for you so that all of the stress and heartache is taken out of this process. Good feelings only are allowed when you think back to your experience of getting family photos done!

How it Works

2-3 weeks after we take your beautiful photos, we meet back up. Typically I travel to my clients' homes for this - that way it's easier for them to visualize what their photos will look like on their walls/in their home when they can see them in front of them! However we can also meet at a central location to do this process as well (coffee shop, Panera, etc.).

I reveal to you your amazing photos on a sweet slideshow (hooking my laptop up to your TV via HDMI is usually a fan favorite, that way the photos are larger than life) and assist you in choosing your favorites.

Once your photos have been chosen, I bring out all the samples of each photo product that I offer so that you can see them in real life and get a feel for what matches your style and fits best in your home. My clients find this so helpful because instead of trying to visualize what a certain wall art will look like on their wall, we can actually demonstrate with real art what will look best.

R&O appointments usually last 1-2 hours and honesty, feel a little bit like Christmas (for my clients and myself!). After I've helped you choose your favorite photos and how you are going to display them, I'll order them ASAP and in 2-3 weeks, I will hand deliver your stunning artwork to you.

See, easy-peasy. What's not to love?