The Three C's of KM4Photography

what it's all about


My photography is all about honesty and sincerity. I edit true to real life, I capture genuine laughter and joy, I find beauty in the unplanned moments. I've found that the best moments to photograph are those in between the poses, in between the plastered smiles. Joy is soft and quiet and often seen in these brief in-between moments. It is this honest joy that I strive for in my photography, because candor makes for the best photos – and and memories.


A lot of people feel anxiety when a camera is placed in front of them, and that is completely normal. Suddenly there is pressure to perform or put on a show, which is undeniably uncomfortable. However, at KM4Photography, there is no pressure, no judgement - only smiles and laughter. And even better, let me fill you in on a secret: there is no way that you can mess up a session with me. Once my camera clicks on, you are in a safe space. Just give me your most genuine self and I’ve got the rest covered, because making you comfortable in front of my camera is my #1 priority. 


I know a lot of people who dislike photos of themselves, which, as a photographer, makes me so sad. Therefore, I’ve made it my mission to deliver photos to my clients that they not only love, but also feel empowered by. As your photographer, I work to bring forth your best self in our time together, so that the photos you receive fill you with radiating confidence in who you are. My goal is to allow you to see yourself in a way that makes you feel amazing – because once you feel amazing, my work is complete.