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What is your photography style?

My style is about a 50/50 combination of typical portraiture and lifestyle photography. I've found that my favorite photos - and my clients' favorites as well - are those that are taken in between the poses, the candid photos that capture the realest version of themselves. Of course we do the poses and the smiles and the "say cheese" moments, but I really focus on documenting the genuine moments that I cannot prompt from you - they happen naturally, and honestly.

What should I wear?

First and foremost: wear something you feel good in! My photography is about honesty and truthful expression. So if you feel good at your session, it will radiate from you and into my camera lens. If you're uncomfortable, it will show. So wear something you love, and I guarantee you will receive images you love!

Now, to the nitty gritty: matchy-matchy photo shoots are cute for Christmas Eve jammies and twins under the age of 5. If neither of these describe your upcoming session, I would advise against it! Instead, take a look below to find out exactly what you need to know for dressing for your sessions.

The Dos: Choose clothing for yourself and the other members of your session that compliment each other. Items from the same color palate always look good - maybe everyone is wearing an item of clothing that is a shade of burgundy (shirt, headband, scarf, etc.). These tie the outfits together without looking tacky. My advice is to find one item of clothing that you love, and build the rest of your outfit choices according to that item. Pick out the colors from that item of clothing to dress the other members of your session in. If you want some inspiration, I would suggest heading on over to the holy grounds of Pinterest and checking out some *insert type of photography session here* outfit inspo. 

If you're taking advantage of the outfit changes I offer, my advice is to dress it up a little for one of your outfits - how often do you get to dress up for your own personal photo shoot? Maybe a sweet sun dress, some khakis ; as always, make sure you're comfortable. For another outfit, maybe keep it a little more casual - just make sure that you feel good in what you're wearing!

The Don'ts: Solid black and solid white can be tricky for exposure, so try and stay away. Neon/extremely bright colors can create less than desirable color casts on faces and skin. Items of clothing with busy patterns are attention snatchers, as are logos/lettering, and you want all the attention to be on you!

Where will you take my photos?

This is one of my favorite parts of photography - the exploration of new places. Ultimately, I let my clients decide where they want to have their sessions. I am aware that a lot of families/couples/grads (etc.) have locations that are very dear to them, and I am completely willing to work with that! In fact, I encourage you to think about this when booking with me - where is somewhere that is really special to you? Now, keeping in mind that some locations are more ideal than others - I will occasionally suggest alternative locations in order for a better aesthetic to your photos. (I understand if you had your first kiss together in the basement of your college house that you shared with eight other people and it's really memorable for you, but really, you don't want photographic evidence of that. Trust me.) And if you don't have any specific location in mind, then I always have suggestions for you! I've shot at parks, playgrounds, universities, downtown areas, backyards, and in the home, to name a few. So if you have NO idea where you want your lovely photos to be taken, I can definitely help. Just let me know and I can do the rest!

What if the weather is bad?

Ah, yes. The dreaded question. Undoubtedly, the weather will ruin some of our plans. It's happened before, and it will continue to happen until I master the art of controlling the weather, or until Pudge the fish gets his peanut butter sandwich (Lilo and Stich, anyone?). But never fear, this is exactly why I schedule in the manner that I do. We'll choose a week in advance, and choose two days within that week in which both schedules are clear and possibe to do our session. The week before our session, I'll be obsessively watching the weather like a hawk and we'll make the final decision together on which day out of the previously chosen two that we will settle upon. However, I always work time into my schedule for make-up sessions, so if it comes to that and both our days are a bust, there is still hope! The weather can't stop us forever, I promise.